Pearl necklaces

Our classic pearl necklaces are beautifully constructed from high-quality round or oval-shaped shells pearls or subtle and elegant freshwater pearls, all finished with elegant rhodium plated silver clasp.


Natural freshwater or shell pearls?

A freshwater pearl necklace is a subtle and classy piece of jewellery. The effortless elegance of those natural cultured pearls makes them a perfect wedding or bridal accessory. Shell pearls are man-made gems, crafted from natural ingredients. They are lustrous and durable, available in different sizes, from small and subtle 8 mm to 12-14 mm in diameter.


Choker, princes or rope?

Our collection of pearl necklaces consists of a wide range of lengths and colours. Classic pearl choker will rest at the base of your neck and will look beautifully with cocktail dresses. Princess length is probably the most popular pearl necklace type. Its length reaches near the collarbone, it’s an elegant accessory for business attires. A rope length is even more sophisticated and will add a lush of luxury and glamour to your look. You can wear your pearls in many different ways, a long necklace can be worn as a single strand or it can be doubled over and will make a beautiful Hollywood style multi strand necklace.


White or colourful?

When it comes to colours white pearl necklace is a timeless classic, but wearing black pearls is also a very elegant fashion choice. Gold pearl necklaces are trendy and worth trying. Pearl jewellery in different shades of pink, like rose, creamrose or powder pink look sweet and extremely feminine. Multicolour necklaces are also an interesting combination.


Pearls and pendants

When you need to look spectacular, we recommend pairing pearl necklace with a pendant, e.g.. Swarovski pendant from Florenzo Castello collection.  This style is a good idea for special occasions, like dates, girls nights or elegant receptions.


Always beautiful

Pearl necklace is such a classic piece of jewellery that it works for almost any occasion. When you wear your pearls, you’ll look sophisticated and feel beautiful at work, at the formal reception, during date night or crazy party night out.


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