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Florenzo Castello - Celebration of Style

Florenzo Castello is a brand designed for women, and by women, to bring out the beauty and timeless classic from jewelry pieces.

Enlightened by women who celebrate their beauty in authentic, elegant yet contemporary ways, Florenzo Castello transforms stunning pearls, genuine leather, sparkling silver and cubic zirconia into distinctive designs.

Florenzo Castello designs have been inspired by Italian landscape, culture and style which resulted in creation of five unique and vibrant collections.

MILANO - a combination of black and gold for chic evening look. TOSCANA –collection designed to honor the natural beauty of romantic and delightful Tuscany, CINQUE TERRE - a playful mix of colours, BARI celebrating the coastal atmosphere of Apulia and TRENTINO - cold and simple like the landscape of Alps summits.

Florenzo Castello’s jewelry is a celebration of femininity and elegance, the excellence of craftsmanship and the emotions enchanted in our designs which make our products perfect for those women who treasures classic, elegant, eye-catching and distinctive pieces.